August 3, 2009

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Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Diego

Justin e-mailed me a month or so ago about his plan to propose to his girlfriend while they were going to be on vacation in San Diego.  I was so excited to be a part of the actual proposal!  Because Justin did not know San Diego, he and I discussed the location and timing in depth.  He expressed that he wanted something very private for the proposal, so I went to work looking for a spot that would be beautiful and secluded in Summer in San Diego.  I also needed to find a spot that would allow me to be close enough to shoot but gave me some place to hide.  My awesome boyfriend and associate photographer, Jeremy agreed to join me on the covert op and we headed to an area in Balboa Park across from the San Diego Zoo.

The plan was in place with the help of text messaging, google maps and a red ribbon tied around the tree that they were to stand by.  I parked my Jeep on the street as close to the spot as possible and Jeremy found a great hiding place in the bushes.  We were all set and ready for the proposal.

Jeremy and I were on our iPhones when they pulled up.  I quickly stated, “The eagle has landed” and we transformed into stealth mode.  They pulled up and Justin lead her over toward the tree with the red ribbon and then kept walking past the spot to what was a great location for me but entirely obstructed Jeremy’s view, leaving me on my own.  I had to capture this moment all by myself.

The proposal was so sweet.  Justin waisted no time at all and I got every emotional moment of it.  After they had a minute just to be excited, he pointed to my Jeep and I popped out to say I had been there the whole time capturing each moment.

I jumped out of my car to personally meet them for the first time and offered them a bottle of Champaign to celebrate their new engagement.

I am really excited about shooting a full engagement session down in Pacific Beach with them tomorrow!  It is going to be so much fun!

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3056 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3060 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3069 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3113 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3152 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3302 (1)

Surprise-engagement-proposal-san-diego-IMG_3279 (1)

Here is a shot of Jeremy’s killer spot in the bushes.


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