July 25, 2016

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Texas Ranch Engagement: Katelyn and Donn

I was so excited to shoot Katelyn and Donn’s engagement pictures and I’m even more excited for their wedding in March! Katelyn and I met on a Facebook page for creatives in Austin. She posted about wanting to gain experience shooting weddings so I invited her along to third shoot with me at my next wedding. It was so much fun to get to know her and to introduce her to shooting weddings! About a month later, her and Donn got engaged. I was so excited when she reached out to me about shooting her wedding. They are getting married at the Amish Barn and it is so adorable!

For their engagement shoot we headed out to a family friend’s ranch. It was breath-taking!! About 2,000 acres, 500+ cows and a gorgeous pond. I couldn’t get enough! Plus, the cows were following us everywhere. They thought we were there to feed them, so it was a very fun evening!! Katelyn and Donn are so sweet to each other. They have so much fun with one another and I loved getting to capture it. I seriously cannot wait for their wedding day!


Texas Ranch Engagement-1 Texas Ranch Engagement-2 Texas Ranch Engagement-4Texas Ranch Engagement-3 Texas Ranch Engagement-5 Texas Ranch Engagement-6Texas Ranch Engagement-7 Texas Ranch Engagement-8 Texas Ranch Engagement-10Texas Ranch Engagement-9 Texas Ranch Engagement-11Texas Ranch Engagement-12Texas Ranch Engagement-13

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