July 1, 2015

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June Recap!

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We are starting up our Recap Series!! We are so excited about this as we love looking back on all the things that we accomplish each month! It’s pretty scary how time can really fly when you are having a blast!

June started out with National Donut Day!! I got a text from Rachel early in the morning informing me of this amazing holiday and we jumped in our cars and raced downtown to the Donut Bar, only to find out that everyone and their mama also knew about this day and there was a line wrapped around the block, so we hooked a u-turn and headed to one that was closer to the studio. But of course we all felt sick to our stomachs after that day and we took a trip to our favorite Juice Bar in South Park to get our body’s back in shape! If you guys are looking for a great juice place make sure to visit Sacred Juice and tell Jenna we said hello! :)

We have had a few things going on at the studio lately that have been pretty exciting! First of all…..how stinking cute is our little Charlie Bean in that fur hat! She keeps growing bigger and bigger and we are all begging her to stop! It’s going by way too fast! We also got Solar which we are stoked about! Not only are we helping the environment, we are also helping our pocket books in the process…Win-Win! My sister in law was also due with my newest nephew in June so I had the pleasure of taking her maternity photos and gave her a gift of some of them printed on our wood mounts! It’s one of my favorite products we offer and I loved how it looked in their home!

June was also the time when the beaches started to warm up a bit! Sara and I both had shoots in La Jolla which made for some pretty awesome days at ‘the office’. If you would like to check out the engagement session I did with Kim and Jeff you can see it HERE. Sara and I also visited the OB dog beach with our pups over the weekend when the Tuna Crab epidemic came to town. All these little guys had washed ashore from the El Nino season down south…I had never seen anything like it!

Dave and I have been having some fun with our wedding plans this month also! We had our engagement party which was more then we could have ever asked for! It was the perfect slice of what our wedding in Mexico will be like! I’ll be blogging about the party soon so keep an eye out! We also got our registry done at Bed Bath and Beyond…it was totally exhausting but so much fun at the same time! I also blogged about the proposal, you can see that post HERE.

Speaking of proposals…. I was able to photograph one for my good friends Phil and his fiance Chelsea! It was so much fun planning it with him and it went off without a hitch! I was so glad Phil asked me to capture it for him. Click HERE to see all the photos from his proposal!

Sara, Rachel, and I attended the Knot Party here in San Diego. They had some great food and drinks along with live music and our favorite Photo Booth! We always have a great time with Red Photobooth! If you are looking for one for your wedding or get together make sure to tell them we sent you! :)

Rachel shot a Homecoming for a family in the military. It was her first one and I think she’s hooked! You can definitely tell that they were so overjoyed to be home and in each others arms again. Check out those images HERE.


We have had a few things to celebrate in June:

The Supreme Courts Support of Sam Sex Marriage. We believe in Love and we are excited that our country does as well.

National Best Friend Day! It’s amazing to work with such great women who are not only your mentor but your best friend as well!

And last but definitely not least, we got to celebrate Father’s Day! Weston is our In-House Dad and we couldn’t be more thankful for him and all that he does for us! Check out why we love the dads of our couples on our blog HERE.


This June was filled with some gorgeous weddings!

Lisa and Tony – The Dana

Crystal and Will – L’Auberge

Natasha and Mark – Private Estate in Poway


But we can’t forget all the beautiful weddings we had last year as well! Happy Anniversary to all our amazing couples!

Lori and Brian – Darlington House

Paola and James – Friendship Gardens in Balboa Park

Allison and Fox – Stone Brewery

Katie and Evan – La Valencia

Leena and Tom – Natural History Museum

Lauren and Juan – Estancia


We wanted to remind everyone also that we still have a few slots open for our Boudoir weekend coming up at the end of JULY! Make sure to contact us to get your spot for that weekend!! ps…check out how hot Rachel looks in her boudoir she just had done with our good friend Jenna?! It’s so much fun!!

We’ll see you guys again at the end of JULY!!!


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