March 25, 2009

my philosophy

Engagement ~ Amy and Jimmy


I got a chance to shoot Amy and Jimmy’s Engagement up in San Francisco when I was in town for Mac World a couple months ago.  I was so excited to meet them since they booked me over the phone and I had not had a chance to meet them yet.  They were so much fun to shoot.  It ended up being a little wet and chilly out and this San Diego girl was not ready for that kind of weather so by the end of the shoot my feet were soaking wet and freezing.  It is so funny that I never notice that while I was shooting only after when I put down the camera.  There is something about a camera in my hand that makes me completely disregard everything else including my own personal comfort.

I am really excited for their wedding down in Cabo San Lucus, Mexico in a couple months.  It is going to be a beautiful wedding.  Jimmy and Amy live up in the Bay area and I since I live down in San Diego it was great that we got a chance to meet up in San Francisco to do the shoot.  One of my friends up in the Bay area, Gustavo Fernandez, came out to help me with the video light and to make sure I did not get hit by a car.  He did a good job, I am still alive.


We also got a chance to stop and warm up with a warm cup of tea at a tea bar in right across from the Mascone Center.  If you are ever in the area it is totally worth checking out!







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