August 30, 2018

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Favorite Sony Portrait Lens | Sara France

The most asked question I get as a Sony Artisan

What is your favorite portrait lens?

The 85 1.4 is my favorite portrait lens that Sony offers for multiple reasons, but the bokeh this piece of gear allows me to capture is unmatched. If you really want to focus the eye on the subject, this lens is the perfect choice. I can keep my aperture low, still achieve a creamy background, but my subject is crystal clear. When I am shooting bridal portraits, as well as intimate bride and groom photos, I always whip out this lens to get in close, without crowding my clients!



Another way I love to utilize this lens is during the reception for toasts and first dance! Compared to the 70-200mm, the low aperture lets in more light and allows for natural light images, even during the reception. If the natural light is unavailable, I can add in just a little from my Stella Pro 2000 and it’s the perfect combination. In summary, the Sony 85 1.4 helps me create artistic images in low light, without sacrificing quality, clarity or convenience!


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